Monday, May 19, 2008

A Rose by any other name...would not smell as sweet

My favorite flower is the rose. It doesn't last that long in a vase though so I like to enjoy it more in a painting or smelling them in the garden. I've never been able to actually paint them as easily as I see others do. Just a storke here and there and a little wiggle and mine looks like a blob on paper. However by some strange miracle these happened to turn out like a Rose. I guess you could say ...I came out smelling like a Rose! Well, you be the judge of my most recent attempt.

English Lavendar

The smell of Lavender in the garden is so wonderful and the look
of the beautiful well established plant is gorgeous.
I have several of the plants and fight the bees for the Lavender every year.
I do let them have some, because we do like our honey as well.
I made this bunch to grace the cover of birthday cards.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Water Color Paintings

As a journey through the medium of water colors I am astounded at how difficult looks and how others make it look so simple! Just a stroke here and there and viola! Only mine don't turn out like theirs, they turn out like mine, and I am learning that is ok. More than just ok, it makes it my own special style. Ok so my first attempts won't adorn the halls of museums, but at least it a start. You just can't steer a parked car. So full speed ahead!
"Contemplation of God's Handiwork"
My Mother in Law has Alzheimers and to pass the afternoon way I pulled out the paints and we just had fun. A friend stopped by and saw my first attempt and insisted on scanning it.
Thus begins my journey to fill the halls with paintings.
Of course His handiwork is most excellent and declare His glory!

"Spring in North Idaho"
May snow showers usually bring June flowers here, but this year
we went straight from winter to summer.
I tried a salt sprinkle on wet paint that formed individual snow flakes on the painting.

"The Pond at Dusk"
We lived near a cattle ranch in California and the herds would gather to be fed about the time I finished my homework from school and had a chance to go for a walk. I would take my little sister Heidi and we would walk over two sets of hills and make it to the pond to enjoy watching the frogs jump, and hear the cows mooing in the distance. It was always so beautiful to sit by the pond in the hot sun of an Indian summer afternoon. But a time or two we stayed a bit too late. It was worth the trouble I got into just to see the pond at dusk as the fog began to roll in. Good thing we brought the flashlight.

"Mountain Top Tranquility"

It was our 20th wedding Anniversary and dear Husband and I took a road trip to Canada. The Crags we saw were so beautiful and majestic that we stopped by the side of the road to take a picture and toss some rocks into the river at our feet. There were so many beautiful sites on that trip, and it was just nice to get away for awhile.

" Twighlight Tea"

My first attempt at experimenting with depth dimension on an interior subject.As well as white's on white. It reminds me of the night sky in Northern California and the moment of quite after a busy day of day care and raising our boys. Wouldn't trade those memories for anything. Of course I could do without the memories of the deer eating my roses out front!

Thus concludes the first set of paintings by Ladybug....